CED Webinar Integrated Finance for CED and CED-HFFI Projects

Publication Date: October 8, 2015

Webinar Description: Recipients of the CED/CED-HFFI grant often need various types of funding: equity, debt and grants, to invest in the necessary property, equipment and/or resources to expand impact in their community.  There are typically three options: (1) wait to raise all of the necessary funds from public grants, donations, and foundations; (2) approach a conventional lender viewing you through the lens traditional lending criteria; or, (3) seek funding from both sources, an integrated finance approach that can leverage public funds to access all funding sources available.  This webinar brings together a panel of financial experts and grantees offering perspectives on an integrated finance approach to leverage grants.  


  • Matthew Lee, Homegrown Advisors


  • Bob Porter, Director Business Advising and Lending, Pacific Community Ventures
  • Brahm Ahmadi, President, People’s Community Market
  • Jela Ellefson, Grants & Economic Development Specialist, Eastern Market Corporation
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