CED Tools Developing a Successful Job Creation Project

Publication Date: November 15, 2018

The Developing a Successful Job Creation Project Toolkit poses a series of discussion questions that will help your nonprofit organization think deeply about the elements required to design an economic development project that can successfully secure funding to create full-time, permanent jobs in low-income communities. While Community Economic Development often refers to both housing and economic development projects, this toolkit focuses specifically on large-scale job creation projects. Examples of large-scale job creation projects include real estate development (retail, commercial, industrial projects) and business development (social enterprises and business lending programs).

This toolkit includes:

  • Discussion questions to help your organization design a successful project
  • Descriptions of a wide variety of funding sources
  • Details of the specific requirements of the Community Economic Development (CEC) program at the Office of Community Services (OCS)
  • Six case studies that provide examples of successful economic development projects by peer nonprofit
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