Help with Finding Food and Nutrition Assistance

Publication Date: December 15, 2014

people in line being served food at a shelterProgram

The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) supports projects that:

  • Lessen poverty in communities
  • Address the needs of low-income individuals including the homeless, migrants and the elderly
  • Provide services and activities addressing employment, education, better use of available income, housing, nutrition, emergency services and/or health.

Services Available

The following nutrition services are examples of services provided by CSBG- funded community organizations:

  • Organizing and operating food banks;
  • Assisting food banks of faith-bases and civic organization partners with food supplies and/or management support;
  • Counseling regarding  family and children’s nutrition and food preparation;
  • Preparing and delivering meals, especially to the homebound elderly;
  • Providing meals in groups settings; and/or
  • Initiating self-help projects, such as community gardens, community canneries, and food buying groups.

How to Receive Services/Assistance

Non-profit organizations that provide CSBG services in your area can be found at Visit disclaimer page.

To find CSBG-funded Community Action Agencies (CAAs) in your area, please click on the link /programs/ocs/resource/community-action-partne....

CSBG funds are not awarded directly to individuals.

Contact Information

Each State designates a Lead CSBG Agency to manage and administer CSBG funds to various non-profit organizations throughout the State.  Information on how to contact your state’s Lead CSBG Agency can be found at /programs/ocs/resource/state-officials-and-pro....

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