AFI Resource Guide: Performance Progress Report (PPR) New Data Requirements

Publication Date: August 4, 2017

NOTE: See the AFI PPR Overview page for additional information.

The AFI PPR includes some new data fields that were not previously reported by AFI grantees. The collection of these fields has been phased in since the AFI PPR was introduced in 2016.

AFI grantees must have collection procedures for these fields in place by October 1, 2017 in order to meet the requirement of reporting these fields beginning with the FY 2018 Quarter 1 PPR short form (due January 30, 2018).

Listed below are resources related to these new data requirements.

  • Preparing for the New AFI PPR Fields (Webinar) - This 25 minute webinar from March 2017 discusses the new fields and how to make sure your project is ready to meet the new requirements.
  • Checklist for Transitioning to New Data Fields - This checklist (available for download below) outlines the key steps for grantees in working through the expected transition to the AFI PPR. It also includes a list of common grantee documents and tools that may be impacted by the new data fields and need to be updated so grantees can meet the new requirements.
  • List of Fields New to the AFI PPR - This document (available for download below) shows which data fields are new to the AFI PPR. Grantees can use this list to ensure their forms and data collection tools incorporate the new fields.
  • List of Data Report Fields No Longer Being Collected - This document (available for download below) shows the data fields that had been collected in the annual AFI data report and that are NOT in the AFI PPR. This list can help grantees who are trying to update their forms and databases to correspond with the AFI PPR.

If your organization needs a system for managing your AFI project data, the following resources are available:


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