AFI Resource Guide: Performance Progress Report (PPR) Overview

Publication Date: August 4, 2017

As required under the AFI Act and federal regulations, the Office of Community Services (OCS) collects progress reports for all AFI grants. AFI grantees are required to submit data on their project(s) using the AFI Performance Progress Report (PPR) in the On-Line Data Collection (OLDC) system. OCS has released an Information Memorandum regarding the AFI PPR requirement. Each AFI grant requires a separate AFI PPR for each reporting deadline.

NOTE: The SF-PPR form is no longer used for AFI grants, with the exception of PPRs due prior to August 2016.

The annual AFI PPR schedule is as follows:

AFI PPR Due Date AFI PPR Type Reporting Period Dates
Note: Most fields are cumulative from the beginning of the grant.
November 30 Annual long form October 1 prior year to September 30 current year (a complete federal fiscal year)
January 30 Quarter 1 short form October 1 to December 31
April 30 Quarter 2 short form January 1 to March 31
July 30 Quarter 3 short form April 1 to June 30


Additionally, a final AFI PPR long form must be completed for each grant, as follows:.

AFI PPR Due Date AFI PPR Type Reporting Period Dates
90 days after grant expires Final long form The entire span of the grant, from the date of award through 90 days after the grant expires


Additional information and resources:


NOTE: See the AFI Reporting Requirements Overview page for full reporting requirements.

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