AFI Terms and Conditions: Acknowledging AFI Grant Funding in Your Publications

Publication Date: May 30, 2012

Acknowledging AFI Grant Funding in Your Publications


Assets for Independence (AFI) grantees—and their subgrantees—must acknowledge Federal funding when in all publications that describe services and activities that are funded in whole or in part with their AFI grant.

Acknowledging that AFI provides financial support to your program not only helps readers to see your program as part of a vibrant community of AFI grantees, but also encourages others to learn more about AFI and possibly apply for a grant of their own.


Publications that should include an acknowledgement of Federal funding include: funds statements, press releases, marketing materials used for recruiting participants (e.g., brochures and presentations), and all other documents that describe your financial education and individual development account offerings. Recipients are required to state (1) the percentage and dollar amounts of the total program or project costs financed with Federal funds and (2) the percentage and dollar amount of the total costs financed by other sources.

This requirement is found in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Grants Policy Statement, which establishes policies for grantees under a variety of HHS programs. The AFI Resource Center encourages grantees to become familiar with the requirements found in Part II of the document, which covers HHS-wide terms and conditions for grants.  Note that these requirements are in addition to the official AFI grant documents that you received upon grant award: Official Award Letter, Special Terms and Conditions, and Notice of Award.


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