AFI Tool: PPR Long Form Information

Publication Date: August 4, 2017

NOTE: See the AFI PPR Overview page for additional information.

The AFI PPR long form is a multi-page online report divided in the following seven sections:

  • Cover Page: Basic grantee and grant information such as name, DUNS number, and address.
    • NOTE: Grantees can also upload an optional narrative to the cover page. Grantees may use the optional narrative template to clarify their AFI PPR Long Form data. Clarifying information in response to OLDC warning messages received is especially helpful.
  • A — Project Information and Administration : Geographic service area, target population(s); non-federal cash source types and amounts; amount of award drawn down; non-federal funds received; federal and non-federal funds expended; project partner information.
  • B — IDA Design : Allowed asset types; match rates; maximum savings period; minimum opening deposit; deposit frequency requirement; limits on lump sum deposits; maximum number of missed deposits.
  • C — AFI IDA Holder Account Activity : Number of applicants; number of IDAs opened; amounts of savings deposited; asset purchases made; IDA holder savings, federal, and non-federal funds used for asset purchases; emergency withdrawals; unmatched withdrawals other than for allow emergencies.
  • D — Training, Services, and Assistance Offered to AFI IDA Holders : Availability of different supports; requirements to use supports; how supports provided; number of IDA holders who used support.
  • E — AFI IDA Holder Demographics at the Time of Enrollment : Gender, race, ethnicity, age, marital status, TANF recipients, and other demographic categories at time of enrollment.
  • F — AFI IDA Holder Demographics at the Time of Final Matched Withdrawal : Educational attainment, home ownership, business ownership, TANF recipients, and other demographic categories at the time of final matched withdrawal.

For convenience, a reference example of the complete AFI PPR long form is available below.


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