AFI Toolkits: Financial Capability Integration Resources

Publication Date: June 21, 2017

The Office of Community Services shares knowledge that has been developed through the Assets for Independence (AFI) program to fulfill AFI’s obligation as a demonstration program. One key area of knowledge development has been the integration of financial capability services into other programs and services serving individuals and families with low incomes. Financial capability is defined as “the capacity, based on knowledge, skills, and access, to manage financial resources effectively.” Resources on financial capability integration are described and linked below.

About Financial Capability Services

This document provides an in-depth look at ten key financial capability services:

1. Financial Education 6. Access to Safe and Affordable Financial Products
2. Financial Coaching            7. Free Tax Preparation Assistance
3. Financial Counseling 8. Access to Federal and State Benefits
4. Credit Counseling 9. Incentivized Savings Programs
5. Credit Building 10. Asset Ownership Programs

Building Financial Capability: A Planning Guide for Integrated Services

This resource is an interactive guide to help community-based organizations interested in integrating financial capability services into existing programs. The interactive tools in the guide walk organizations step-by-step through the process of developing an integration plan, beginning with developing a deeper understanding of clients’ financial circumstances and which financial capability services can help them improve their situations. The guide also includes tools to help organizations determine how best to provide financial capability services—whether through referrals, partnerships, or in-house. To learn more about the guide, view the associated training video series.

The briefs below provide tailored content on using the guide for specific audiences.

Building Financial Capability in Youth Employment Programs

This report provides an overview of the lessons drawn from a 2013 roundtable of national and local leaders from promising programs convened to discuss current efforts to help youth build financial capability through employment programs.

Family Strengthening through Integration and Scaling of Asset-Building Strategies

This report summarizes the findings of a 2013 field scan on the integration of asset-building strategies.

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