AFI Tools Federal Financial Report (SF-425) Overview

Publication Date: August 4, 2017

The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Office of Grants Management (OGM) requires semi-annual Federal Financial Reports using the Standard Form (SF) 425 for each AFI grant.

The annual SF-425 schedule is as follows:

Report Due Date

Report Type

Reporting Period Dates

April 30


October 1 to March 31

October 30


April 1 to September 30

The annual cycle above repeats each year of the grant period. At the end of the grant period, a final SF-425 is required, as detailed below.

Report Due Date

Report Type

Reporting Period Dates

90 days after grant expires

Final SF-425

The entire span of the grant, from the date of award through 90 days after the grant expires.

NOTE: Federal Cash Transaction Reports are not required for AFI grants. AFI grants are a type B account in the Payment Management System (PMS), and type B accounts do not require Federal Cash Transaction Reports. If PMS contacts you about a Federal Cash Transaction Report for an AFI grant, make sure that your AFI grant is set up appropriately as a type B account.

PMS Submission for Awards Made in FY 2016 (ACF Pilot)

For awards made in federal fiscal year (FY) 2016, ACF requires that the SF-425 Federal Financial Report be submitted in the PMS system. For instructions on how to submit the SF-425 in PMS, go to Visit disclaimer page . Note that the SF-425 is called the FFR Financial Status Report in PMS. Contact your OGM Specialist for instructions on how to submit past due SF-425s or with any other questions about this pilot.

GrantSolutions Submission for Awards Made in FY 2015 and Before:

For awards made in FY 2015 and before, AFI grantees should complete the SF-425 directly in GrantSolutions. For instructions on how to submit the SF-425, see these GrantSolutions videos Visit disclaimer page .

Past due SF-425s must be completed using the SF-425 PDF form, available on Visit disclaimer page .


NOTE: See the AFI Reporting Requirements Overview page for full reporting requirements.

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