CSBG AT-2020-09 Tribal Application for FY 2020 CARES Act Supplemental Funds

Publication Date: September 27, 2020

Community Services Block Grant

Action Transmittal

AT#: CSBG-AT-2020-09

DATE: September 27, 2020

TO: Tribes and Tribal Organizations

SUBJECT: Application for Fiscal Year 2020 CSBG CARES Act Supplemental Funds



Community Services Block Grant Act, 42 U.S.C. 9901 et seq.; Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, 2020, Public Law 116-36; and Department of Health and Human Services Block Grant Regulations, 45 CFR Part 96.


To inform tribes and tribal organizations of the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) application requirements for Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) funds. Tribes and tribal organizations must submit their CARES Act tribal plan to the Office of Community Service (OCS) by September 30, 2020 using the approved CSBG CARES Act Tribal Plan format.


The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, 2020, Public Law 116-36, was signed into law on March 27, 2020, providing $1 billion in additional funds to the CSBG program. The funds to states, territories, and tribes authorized under the CSBG Act are intended to address the consequences of increasing unemployment and economic disruption as a result of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

In an effort to provide an immediate response to the needs of the tribes and tribal organizations, OCS awarded the supplemental CARES Act funds on May 8, 2020. All tribes and tribal organizations that applied for, and received funding in federal fiscal year (FFY) 2020, received CARES Act funding as a separate allotment under the same formula used for grant allocations under the regular annual CSBG appropriations. The tribes and tribal organizations were subject to the signed assurances and certifications, included in the FFY 2020 CSBG Tribal Plan.

Since the CARES Act funding is a supplemental appropriation, tribes and tribal organizations must submit a CSBG plan amendment for FFY 2020 with information specific to CARES Act funding. The content in the application will be similar to that of the regular CSBG Tribal Plan, however, the amount of information that OCS is requesting is reduced. This Action Transmittal provides instructions on this process and requirements.

For more information about the CSBG CARES Act Supplemental Administrative Guidance, see Information Memorandum (IM) 2020-158.

For more information about the CSBG Immediate Guidance on COVID-19 Response, see Information Memorandum (IM) 2020-157.


Application Content

Full submission of the FY20 CSBG Tribal CARES Act Plan must include the following information: 1) Application for Federal Assistance (SF-424M); and 2) CSBG Tribal CARES Act Plan materials (as an attachment to the SF-424M).

  1. Application for Federal Assistance (SF-424M)
  1. Transmittal Letter: A signed letter that includes the following:
  1. The name of the tribe or tribal organization;
  1. The fiscal year to be covered;
  1. Contact information for the tribe’s authorized official;
  1. Contact information for the CSBG program contact person within the tribe;
  1. Delegation of authority by the tribal CEO/Chairman or President (if applicable);
  1. Statement of Assurance that a tribal resolution, federal or state recognition and tribal CSBG administrative structure is the same as what the tribe submitted in their fiscal year 2020 CSBG Tribal Plan; and
  1. A statement that the certifications; programmatic, administrative, and fiscal assurances; and assurance on limitations will be followed or adhered to.
  1. Evidence of Public Review: The applicant should show evidence that the FY20 CSBG Tribal CARES Act Plan was made available for public review and comment in conjunction with the development of the plan, in accordance with Section 676(a)(2)(B) of the CSBG Act, 42 USC 9908(a)(2)(B). Consistent with this requirement, the tribe must post the plan publicly (e.g. on the tribe’s public website) for a reasonable timeframe and should specifically notify known stakeholders that the FY20 CSBG Tribal CARES Act Plan is available for a public review and comment.

Note: Although, a reasonable timeframe is not specified in the statute, for purposes of the CSBG CARES Supplemental Tribal Plan, OCS recommends a minimum of 10 business days.

  1. Individual and Community Income Eligibility Requirements: The CSBG CARES Act requires that services be provided to those who meet specific CSBG income guidelines (not to exceed 200% of the poverty line Visit disclaimer page ). The FY20 CSBG Tribal CARES Act Plan must detail the following:
  1. Policies and/or procedures for determining eligibility;
  1. Policies and/or procedures when individual income verification is not possible or practical; and
  1. Description of how the tribe or tribal organization services target and benefit low-income communities for those services that provide a community-wide benefit.

Submitting the Application

CSBG tribes and tribal organizations must submit their FY20 CSBG Tribal CARES Act Plan to OCS by September 30, 2020. Applicants must submit the SF-424M electronically through the Online Data Collection system (OLDC), which will become available for submission in August 2020. OCS will provide the official opening date when it is confirmed. The FY20 CSBG Tribal CARES Act Plan materials must be submitted as an attachment to the SF-424M in OLDC. OCS will provide follow-up communication when a date is confirmed.

Training, Technical Assistance and Support

OCS hosted a webinar on August 20, 2020. Please send emails with additional questions or requests for information to CSBGTribes@acf.hhs.gov.


Thank you for your attention and OCS looks forward to continuing to provide high quality services to OCS grantees.


J. Janelle George
Acting Deputy Director
Office of Community Services

*This Action Transmittal was originally released on August 20, 2020.

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