CSBG IM #129 Use of Funds to Support Summer Jobs

Publication Date: April 12, 2013


Many Community Action Agencies and other eligible entities that receive CSBG funds have a long history of involvement and support for summer jobs for low-income youth.  Youth employment is a critical element of success for young people and can provide valuable opportunities for low-income youth to start a path to economic security.  As we look forward to summer, the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) encourages State CSBG offices to work with local CSBG eligible entities to help facilitate the involvement of low-income youth in summer jobs programs and to provide linkages to other supportive services that will help assure successful involvement in jobs programs.  Within existing CSBG grant resources— and to the extent justified by local CSBG needs assessment efforts— State CSBG offices are encouraged to promote involvement of local eligible entities in both government-sponsored and private sector summer jobs efforts.   State CSBG offices are also encouraged to provide flexibility to allow local eligible entities to adjust current service plans where appropriate to facilitate involvement in summer jobs efforts.


As a pathway to careers and education, meaningful summer employment not only helps young people develop workforce and leadership skills to acquire and maintain good jobs, but also connects them to long term economic opportunity.   Summer employment helps introduce youth to the working world and provides the skills and experiences they need to launch their careers.  According to a Department of Labor report, nearly 75 percent of low-income youth who participated in the 2009 Federal summer jobs program reported increased work readiness skills.  Subsidized employment can provide valuable skills and work experience for young people, and serves as a stepping stone on the path to unsubsidized employment.

CSBG eligible entities have the potential to enhance opportunities for low-income youth at a critical stage of development.  By utilizing CSBG resources to support summer youth employment efforts directly, or through supportive services, eligible entities can help young people make use of employment opportunities as a stepping stone to economic security through assistance with financial planning, mentoring, and linkage to other needed services.

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