LIHEAP DCL Reallotment Funds FY 2014

Publication Date: September 30, 2015

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
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Re: Reallotment of FY 2014 LIHEAP Funds

Date: September 30, 2015


Dear Colleagues:

The Office of Community Services (OCS), Division of Energy Assistance (DEA), is announcing the release today of $4,324,422 of Federal Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 funding to Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) grantees.

These funds represent the amount that some grantees reported as available for reallotment from FY 2014.  Attached are two tables—one for states and territories and the other for Indian tribes and tribal organizationsdetailing the allocations to grantees made by this release.  All FY 2015 grantees that remain active at the time of the release will receive an award letter unless their allocation would be less than $25.  DEA determined the allocations to each grantee by distributing the total reallotted funds under the formula Congress set for FY 2015 funding.

Grantees must include this funding in their total LIHEAP funds payable calculation for FY 2015 for purposes of calculating the LIHEAP caps on administrative costs, carryover, assurance 16 activities, and weatherization.  Grantees will also include these funds on their FY 2015 LIHEAP reports, such as the SF-425 Federal Financial Form, LIHEAP Performance Data Form-Grantee Survey section (states), etc.   It is anticipated that the amount of these awards will permit grantees to include them in their FY 2015 carryover funds.

This is the final LIHEAP funding distribution for federal FY 2015.  A Federal Register notice will be published soon confirming this release.

Please contact your liaison with our office if you have any questions.  To view contact information on our web site, please click here.




                                                                                          Jeannie L. Chaffin
                                                                                          Office of Community Services



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