LIHEAP DCL Release of Approximately $3.09 Billion of Regular Block Grant Funding FY 2017

Publication Date: October 20, 2016

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Dear Colleague Letter

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Administration for Children and Families
Office of Community Services
Division of Energy Assistance
333 C Street, S.W., Mail Room 5425
Washington, D.C. 20201

Re: FY 2017 Funding Release

Date: October 25, 2016

Dear Colleagues:

The Office of Community Services (OCS), Division of Energy Assistance (DEA), is pleased to announce the initial release of approximately $3.09 billion of Federal Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 regular block grant funding to LIHEAP grantees. This funding is provided under the Continuing Appropriations Resolution 2017, Public Law 114-223 (also referred to as a "CR"), which the President signed into law on September 29, 2016, effective until December 9, 2016.

Please find attached a table detailing the allocations to state and territory grantees and a table detailing the allocations to tribal grantees under this release. Grantees with completed FY 2017 LIHEAP Plans will be sent award letters with their individual allocations. Each grantee that submitted a complete LIHEAP Plan for FY 2017 received the funding available under the CR, after accounting for updates to the allocation formula data used to calculate the block grant allocation award amounts.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance from our office, please contact your DEA liaison. To view their contact information on our web site, please click here.

We recognize that grantees worked diligently to submit their FY 2017 Plans on time. We are also aware that the winter weather will soon begin in parts of the country and that low income Americans will rely on expedited payments towards their home energy bills. It remains our priority to work cooperatively with each of you on the review of your Plans to enable us to release funding as soon as possible at the beginning of the federal fiscal year which starts every October 1. We appreciate your efforts on the development of your FY 2017 programs and are here to support you as you begin the new federal fiscal year.


Jeannie L. Chaffin
Office of Community Services


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