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  • LIHEAP Income Eligibility Guidelines

    Published: July 19, 2012
    Section 2605(b)(2)(B) of the LIHEAP statute establishes the maximum income level allowed in determining LIHEAP eligibility as the greater of 150 percent of the poverty level or 60 percent of a State's median income.
  • Help with Finding Social Services for Adults and Children

    Published: December 15, 2014
    The purpose of this message is to provide you with an update on Help with Finding Social Services for Adults and Children.
  • SSBG help with repairing, renovating, and rebuilding for those States impacted by Hurricane Sandy

    Published: January 22, 2015
    The Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) Supplemental Emergency Funds help victims of Hurricane Sandy with services such as information regarding social, health, and mental health services for individuals, and for repair, renovation and rebuilding of health care facilities (including mental health facilities), child care facilities, and other social services facilities.
  • SSBG Service Eligibility: CFDA 93.667 - Social Services Block Grant

    Published: June 11, 2015
    To enable States to furnish social services best suited to the needs of the individuals residing in the State. Federal block grant funds may be used to provide services directed toward one of the following five goals specified in the law: (1) To prevent, reduce, or eliminate dependency; (2) to achieve or maintain self-sufficiency; (3) to prevent neglect, abuse, or exploitation of children and adults; (4) to prevent or reduce inappropriate institutional care: and (5) to secure admission or referral for institutional care when other forms of care are not appropriate.    
  • LIHEAP Service Eligibility Guidelines

    Published: January 11, 2016
    The Federal government issues the poverty levels as the HHS Poverty Guidelines and state median income as State Median Income Estimates.