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Annual AFI PPR Long Form Overview

AFI Performance Progress Report (PPR) Overview

AFI Performance Progress Report (PPR) New Data Requirements

This webinar from 2016 provides an overview of AFI program requirements and helps grantees develop an implementation action plan by walking through participant recruitment, application, and enrollment.

This webinar from 2016 provides an overview of participant savings, economic education, and asset purchase.

Assets for Independence (AFI) grantees—and their subgrantees—must acknowledge Federal funding when in all publications that describe services and activities that are funded in whole or in part with their AFI grant. Acknowledging that AFI provides financial support to your program not only helps readers to see your program as part of a vibrant community of AFI grantees, but also encourages others to learn more about AFI and possibly apply for a grant of their own.

This brief shares lessons learned from three local intermediary organizations that have supported nonprofits in their efforts to integrate financial capability services into existing program. Financial capability is the capacity—based on knowledge, skills, and access—to manage financial resources effectively.

The brief shares lessons and approaches for how state TANF agencies can integrate financial capability services into TANF and other emergency assistance services.

OCS and a group of AFI grantee leaders have collaborated closely to develop a set of performance measures for the AFI program, plus a series of performance indicators that OCS and grantees can use to manage their day-to-day work to ensure success of the AFI program as well as each AFI project. This section of the AFI web page provides background information on performance management strategies.

AFI Federal Financial Report (SF-425) Overview