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Annual AFI PPR Long Form Overview

This resource shows calculations of 125 percent of the 2019 HHS Poverty Guidelines to help CED grantees determine low-income eligibility.

LIHEAP DCL on the Initial COVID-19 Program Guidance.

The Office of Community Services, Division of Social Services, publishes Information Memoranda (IM) for distribution to SSBG program administrators. An Information Memoranda (IM) provides guidance to assist in implementing the SSBG legislation, program instruction and policy clarification, in addition to disseminating information and program practices to stakeholders. SSBG Dear Colleague Letters provides important information to the network about a new issue relevant to the stakeholders.

The IM numbering system is chronological and only relevant IM’s are posted on this website. SSBG Dear Colleague Letters are posted per fiscal year.

The following Information Memoranda have been released to States and Territories, Administrators and other nonprofit agencies receiving SSBG funds.

AFI Performance Progress Report (PPR) Overview

AFI Performance Progress Report (PPR) New Data Requirements

This webinar from 2016 provides an overview of AFI program requirements and helps grantees develop an implementation action plan by walking through participant recruitment, application, and enrollment.

This webinar from 2016 provides an overview of participant savings, economic education, and asset purchase.

Revised FY 2017 LIHEAP Carryover and Reallotment Report AT

CED – ACF Real Property Guidance

What Does it Mean for My CED Grant?

CED Grantees must adhere to ACF guidance regarding property — real property, tangible personal property, and intangible personal property — as summarized on the ACF Property Guidance page.

This resource addresses ACF’s Real Property Guidance and its application to Community Economic Development (CED) grants. Note that this resource summarized key information relevant to CED grants, but it does not replace official guidance provided by ACF, as referenced in the links below and elsewhere.