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CSBG IM-2021-161 COVID-19 Vaccination FY 2021

Use of CSBG Resources to Support COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts
April 2, 2021

This Information Memorandum highlights how Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) grantees and local eligible entities (commonly referred to as Community Action Agencies or “CAAs”) can play a vital role in strengthening and advancing COVID-19 vaccination efforts and increasing community awareness, as CAAs serve as trusted entities in communities and reach 99% of U.S. counties.

To ensure assessment of potential risks and appropriate mitigation efforts throughout the Community Action Network for CSBG ARRA Funds

To provide guidance on application procedures, spending and reporting requirements for Recovery Act Funds

FY 2000 Community Services Block Appropriation and Allocations

Final FY 2000 Community Services Block Grant and Community Food and Nutrition Programs Allotments

This Information Memorandwn addresses a number of policy questions that have arisen in recent years concerning the composition, role, and responsibilities of local community action agency tripartite boards. In addition, the Memorandum describes steps that may be taken by State CSBG lead agencies and State Community Action Associations to promote the continued viability and effectiveness of eligible entities through appropriately constituted and well-functioning tripartite boards.

Fiscal and Governance workshops at the Community Action Partnership 2005 Annual Convention in New Orleans.

This Information Memorandum suggests a number of strategies and provides specific information on how state and local agencies receiving CSBG funding, in both hurricane-ravaged states and responding states, may assist low-income people and communities affected by the hurricanes during the initial phases of relief and recovery.

To inform Indian Tribes and Tribal Organizations of the CSBG application requirements for FY 2007.

To inform States and U.S. Territories of the CSBG application requirements for FY 2011. CSBG applications shall be submitted to the Office of Community Services by September 1, 2010 (if you did not submit an application which covered two fiscal years in the prior year).