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AFI Resource Guide: Program Requirements

Published: September 28, 2017
Assets for Independence (AFI)
Guidance, Policies, Procedures

Information and resources on AFI program requirements are collected here. For information on more general grant/project management requirements, go to:


  • AFI Legislation: Assets for Independence Act – This is the authorizing statute for the AFI program. AFI grantees must comply with the AFI legislation.
  • AFI Policy and Guidance – This page lists all of the AFI program Information Memoranda, which detail official AFI program policy on various topics. It also lists Dear Colleague letters, which provide non-policy information to AFI grantees.
  • AFI Reporting Requirements -This page provides a list of report due dates, information on Federal Financial Reports (SF-425), and information on AFI Performance Progress Reports (AFI PPR).
  • AFI Participant Eligibility and Selection – This page includes information and resources on AFI program statutory eligibility requirements and on grantee selection of participants.
  • Matching AFI IDA Holder Earned Income Deposits – This page discusses the requirement for AFI grantees of making matching contributions to each participant’s earned income deposits no less than once every three months.


  • Summary of AFI Program Requirements - This document (available for download below) was adapted from the final AFI funding opportunity announcement. It includes an overview of the AFI program, lists AFI program requirements, and provides other related information.
  • Common AFI Myths - This document (available for download below) discusses common misunderstandings of what AFI does and does not require.
  • Match Rate Quick Sheet – This document (available for download below) provides information the impact of different match rates within the range allowed by the AFI Act.
  • How Interest Works in an AFI Project - This document (available for download below) discusses how the AFI Act requires interest to be handled if a grantee chooses to use interest-bearing accounts.

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