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AFI Resourde Guide: Reporting Requirements Overview

Published: August 4, 2017
Assets for Independence (AFI)
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AFI grantees must submit Federal Financial Reports (SF-425) semi-annually and AFI Performance Progress Reports (AFI PPR) quarterly. The due dates are listed below, in the order that they must be submitted each federal fiscal year (October – September).


The annual cycle above repeats each year of the grant period. At the end of the grant period, two final reports are required, as detailed below.


Federal Financial Report (SF-425)

Semi-annual Federal Financial Reports using the Standard Form (SF) 425 are required for each AFI grant. See AFI Federal Financial Report (SF-425) Overview for additional information.

NOTE: Federal Cash Transaction Reports are not required for AFI grants. AFI grants are a type B account in the Payment Management System (PMS), and type B accounts do not require Federal Cash Transaction Reports. If PMS contacts you about a Federal Cash Transaction Report for an AFI grant, make sure that your AFI grant is set up appropriately as a type B account.

AFI Performance Progress Report (AFI PPR)

The AFI PPR was approved on August 23, 2016 and replaces the old SF-PRR and the old annual Data Report. See AFI Performance Progress Report (PPR) Overview for additional information.

Old Performance Progress Report (SF-PPR)

The new AFI PPR replaces the SF-PPR for AFI grants. The last SF-PPR that AFI grantees are required to submit was due on April 30, 2016 and covered the reporting period of Oct. 1, 2015 – March 31, 2016. For guidance on how to complete and submit past-due reports, please see additional resources located at Instructions for Old Performance Progress Reports (SF-PPRs).

Last Reviewed: June 18, 2019