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CED Resource Guide Community Development Resources

Published: August 21, 2015
Community Economic Development (CED)
Resource Guide

This page contains a variety of resources that may be useful to CED grantees as they administer their CED projects and build their capacity to create jobs and economic development opportunities. Resources address topics such project strategy, community partners, and sector- or population-based resources.

Project Strategy Resources

Measuring the Success of Your CED Project Webinar
A panel of experts and CED grantees discuss experiences and strategies for measuring the success of CED projects

Doing Economic Development Differently Presentation
Discusson of the opportunity CED funding provides to grantees and encourages grantees to think about innovative ways of "doing economic development differently"

Look Before You Leap – Critical Issues in Creating and Operating CED Ventures Presentation
Identify critical questions to ask when planning and operating a CED venture. It helps grantees get up to speed on tax considerations and legal structures that can be used to operate CED ventures

Community Partner Resources

Leveraging CDFIs to Create Quality Jobs & Fight Income Inequality Presentation
Presents research from the Opportunity Finance Network and Pacific Community Ventures and highlighted ways CED grantees can partner with CDFIs to create quality jobs from the perspective of Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

Partnering with the EPA Healthy Places for Healthy People Program Webinar
Highlights opportunities for CED grantees to engage with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Healthy Places for Healthy People. Margot Brown of the EPA Office of Sustainable Communities discusses the program’s strategies to engage community leaders and health care partners to create walkable, healthy, economically vibrant downtowns and neighborhoods that can improve health, protect the environment, and support economic growth.

Non-Federal Support for CED Projects Webinar
Overview of available non-Federal funding, including funding from foundations, for community development/job creation projects that grantees may be able to leverage for the success of CED projects.

Partnerships for CED Projects Webinar
Provides prospective CED applicants with information about forming partnerships within their communities to support their efforts to place low-income individuals in the jobs created by their CED projects


Seven Forms of Wealth Continuum of Impacts Tool
Assess the impacts of their work or a particular program on the seven forms of wealth. Take a baseline of how your work/program is impacting the forms of wealth and where you may want to make a greater impact

CAPLAW Self-Assessment Tools
Library of self-assessment tools to assist Community Action Agencies in evaluating and improving various aspects of their organizations

Step-by-Step Tutorials: Fundraising, Housing Development, Resident Services, Workforce Development
Step-by-step tutorials to help community development practitioners start a new community economic development program. CED grantees might find these resources helpful while designing and evaluating their programs.

Community Initiative Video
This video presents the efforts that emerged from the War on Poverty to foster economic development and create business and employment opportunities for lower income populations through the CED program.

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