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CED Webinar Exploring the Many Roads to Quality Work: Insights from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Published: June 7, 2018
Community Economic Development (CED)
Case Studies

This presentation helps CED grantees continue to build their knowledge about strategies for creating quality jobs for individuals with low-income that offer livable wages, quality benefits, good working conditions, and income stability. Sol Carbonell, Assistant Vice President and Gabriella Chiarenza, Managing Editor, Regional & Community Outreach of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston provide an overview of a comprehensive body of work on quality job creation, including key characteristics of quality jobs, why quality jobs are important to our economy and on-the-ground solutions for creating quality jobs, as outlined in the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s Invested series: “Many Roads to Quality Work.”

The presentation slides and a transcript of the presentation are available below.

Last Reviewed: May 31, 2019