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CSBG DCL CSBG Annual Report - Extended Due Date FY 2018

Published: October 15, 2018
Community Services Block Grants (CSBG)
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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Administration for Children and Families
Office of Community Services
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Community Services Block Grant
Dear Colleague Letter

Re: FY 2018 CSBG Annual Report – Extended Due Date

Date: October 15, 2018

Dear Colleagues:

The purpose of this message is to provide an update on timelines for submission of State Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) annual reports for Fiscal Year 2018, including an extension in the deadline for submission of the FY 2018 annual report.


OCS provided general guidance on the submission of annual reports in January 2017 in Information Memorandum (IM) 152. As outlined in IM-152, the full CSBG Annual Report for FY 2018 (Modules 1 – 4) will be submitted through the Online Data Collection (OLDC) site operated by the ACF Grants Center of Excellence GrantSolutions system. The overall guidance provided in IM-152 is still accurate, with the modifications in timeline outlined below.

Deadline Extension

Based on consultations with the field, OCS is extending the deadline for submission from March 31, 2018 to April 30, 2018. This additional time will allow OCS and its technical assistance partners to provide additional training and testing of the new system prior to full implementation with the goal of minimizing technical issues during the first year of implementation.

All other guidance outlined in IM-152 will continue to apply and this extension to the deadline will apply for one year only. Additional information on timelines is provided below.

Accessing Annual Report through OLDC

OCS plans to make the CSBG Annual Report modules available in stages:

  • Module 1

OCS will make Module 1 available for data entry and submission December 1, 2018. There are no changes to Module 1 for federal FY 2018. As a reminder, the data submitted for Module 1 must be based on the federal fiscal year (October 1 – September 30).

  • Modules 2 – 4

OCS will make Modules 2 – 4 available by February 1, 2019. This will allow OCS to complete the building and testing of the modules to minimize technical glitches. States must submit complete Modules 2 and 4. States have the option of submitting a complete Module 3 or partial Module 3. Please see this Dear Colleague for more details.


OCS, with the help of the National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP), will conduct webinars in the upcoming months to provide training and technical assistance for the CSBG Annual Report. OCS also expects to issue an Action Transmittal with additional instructions for submission of the annual report which will also be issued prior to the April 30 deadline.

For any immediate questions about the CSBG Annual Report, please contact your Program Specialist. Please also copy CSBGStates@acf.hhs.gov on all emails.


Seth Hassett
Director, Division of Community Assistance
Office of Community Services

Last Reviewed: June 21, 2019