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CSBG State Assessments

Published: September 23, 2019
Community Services Block Grants (CSBG)
Publications/Reports, Case Studies

Each year, the Office of Community Services conducts standard monitoring visits as required under Section 678B(c) of the CSBG Act. State assessments follow a standard monitoring protocol addressing administrative, programmatic, and fiscal compliance with CSBG Act requirements.

The following State Assessments cover visits conducted from FY 2008 to present.

Fiscal Year 2019

Fiscal Year 2018

Fiscal Year 2017

Fiscal Year 2016

Fiscal Year 2015

Fiscal Year 2014

Fiscal Year 2013

Fiscal Year 2012

Fiscal Year 2011

Fiscal Year 2010

Fiscal Year 2009

Fiscal Year 2008

Last Reviewed: September 23, 2019