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LIHEAP AT 2016-1 Carryover and Reallotment Report FY 2015

Published: November 10, 2015
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
Guidance, Policies, Procedures, Action Transmittal

Action Transmittal

      U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
 Administration for Children and Families
         Office of Community Services
         Division of Energy Assistance
         370 L'Enfant Promenade, S.W., 5th Floor
         Washington, D.C. 20447

Transmittal No. LIHEAP-AT-2016-01                      Date:  November 10, 2015


                                X    TRIBES/TRIBAL ORGANIZATIONS
                                X    TERRITORIES                           

SUBJECT:   FY 2015 Carryover and Reallotment Report

RELATED REFERENCES:  Section 2607 Low Income Home Energy Assistance Act, title XXVI of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981, Public Law 97-35, as amended; 45 C.F.R. § 96.81 in the Department of Health and Human Services block grant regulations; and OMB approval 0970-0106, expired 9/30/2018.

PURPOSE:  To inform LIHEAP grantees of the requirement to submit the Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 Carryover and Reallotment Report, due December 1, 2015.

BACKGROUND:  Availability of the FY 2015 Carryover and Reallotment Report was delayed due to the need to obtain clearance from the Office of Management and Budget, in accordance with the Paperwork Reduction Act.  Such clearance has now been received and a new deadline of December 1, 2015 has been established for submission of this year’s report.

CONTENT:  Section 2607(b)(2)(B) of the LIHEAP statute (42 U.S.C. § 8626(b)(2)(B)), as amended, requires that:

No amount may be held available under this paragraph for a State from a prior fiscal year to the extent such amount exceeds 10 percent of the amount payable to such State for such prior fiscal year.  For purposes of the preceding sentence, the amount payable to a State for a fiscal year shall be determined without regard to any amount held available under this paragraph for such State for such fiscal year from the prior fiscal year.

Grantees may carryover unobligated funds from FY 2015 to FY 2016, up to 10% of the amount payable to the grantee for FY 2015.  The total funds payable for FY 2015 include all regular block grant awards in FY 2015, plus reallotted FY 2014 funds we redistributed in FY 2015, and any oil overcharge funds designated for use in LIHEAP for FY 2015.  The funds that are carried over from FY 2015 must be obligated by the grantee by the end of FY 2016 (September 30, 2016).

If more than 10% of a grantee's FY 2015 funds payable remained unobligated as of October 1, 2015, those excess funds must be returned to HHS and are subject to reallotment among all grantees in FY 2016.  If you report reallotted funds in your FY 2015 Carryover and Reallotment Report, you will be contacted by your LIHEAP regional liaison to confirm the final amount and explain next steps for returning those funds to HHS.

Any funds carried over from FY 2015 are not to be included in the base for calculating carryover limit for FY 2016.  Similarly, carried over funds from FY 2015 should NOT be added to FY 2016 funds for the purpose of calculating the 10% administrative cost cap, 15% weatherization cost cap, or 5% Assurance 16 cost cap for FY 2016 funds.

The receipt of all FY 2015 block grant funds should be included in your carryover calculations.  As the Carryover and Reallotment Report is due December 1, 2015, our expectation is that the figures submitted are final, or as close to final as possible.  If, however, you find that the data submitted is inaccurate, please submit a revised report reflecting the most accurate data as soon as possible.

Completing and Submitting the Carryover and Reallotment Report

All grantees are required to submit the Carryover and Reallotment Report electronically via the ACF Online Date Collection system (OLDC) at: https://extranet.acf.hhs.gov/ssi/.

Please contact the OLDC helpdesk at 1-866-577-0771 or your ACF liaison if you need assistance accessing your OLDC account or if you are a new OLDC user.

All grantees must submit a report, even if no funds are to be carried over or made available for reallotment.  In OLDC, select the Carryover and Reallotment Report and the correct reporting period (October 1, 2014 - September 30, 2015).  Enter all required data.  Remember to save your progress frequently, particularly if you enter partial information and plan to finish it later.  Remember to click “end OLDC” anytime you wish to log out.

The following information must be submitted on the form:

1. The amount of the grantee's allotment for the FY 2015.  This includes all award letters issued by our office between October 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015, including the reallotment award letter issued on September 30, 2015.

2. The amount of FY 2015 funds, if any, that remained unobligated as of October 1, 2015.

3. If funds were carried forward, a statement of the reasons that these funds were not obligated in FY 2015; and,

4. A description of the types of assistance to be provided with the amount held available for obligation in FY 2016.

Once the data is entered, the submission must be validated, certified and submitted through OLDC.  The individuals who have permission to certify and submit may vary based on how you initially set up your OLDC account, but the user with the role “Grant Administrator” may perform all actions by default.


For assistance with your submission, please contact your LIHEAP Federal Liaison.

If you are having technical difficulties with OLDC, please contact the OLDC Help Desk at app_support@acf.hhs.gov or 1-866-577-0771, Monday through Friday between 8 am-6 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).


  1. Instructions for completing the Carryover and Reallotment Report.


Lauren Christopher
Division of Energy Assistance
Office of Community Services, ACF, HHS
370 L'Enfant Promenade, S.W.
Washington, D.C.  20447
Telephone:  (202) 401-4870
FAX:  (202) 401-5661


Lauren Christopher
Division of Energy Assistance
Office of Community Services



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