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LIHEAP Report to Congress National estimates of LIHEAP funds FY 2008

Published: May 21, 2012
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
Publications/Reports, Report to Congress, Annual Report

Table I-2. National estimates of Federal LIHEAP funds available to States, FY 2008 1

(see Table I-3 for State-specific estimates of LIHEAP funds available to States)
Funding source Number of States Amount of funds2 Percent of funds
Total 51 $2,739,902,307 100.0%
FY 2008 net allotments 3 51 $1,955,497,853 71.4
FY 2008 net Emergency Contingency allotments 51 $603,798,109 22.0
Unobligated FY 2007 Emergency Contingency funds 36 $90,224,194 3.3
LIHEAP carryover from FY 2007 31 $71,566,002 2.6
Unobligated FY 2007 Leveraging Incentive awards 27 $18,572,149 0.7
Oil overcharge funds 1 $244,000 0.04


1The amounts of Federal net allotment and net Emergency Contingency allotment are actual dollars distributed by HHS. The other amounts are
estimated dollars as reported by States to HHS in the LIHEAP Grantee Survey for FY 2008.

2Excludes amounts for direct LIHEAP grants to Indian Tribes or Tribal Organizations and Insular Areas.

3Federal Leveraging Incentive funds and REACH funds were not awarded in FY 2008.

4Less than 0.1 percent.

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