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CED Resource Guide Managing Your Grant

Published: October 21, 2018
Community Economic Development (CED)
Guidance, Policies, Procedures

Getting Started

CED Grantee Orientation Toolkit
The CED Grantee Orientation Toolkit is a one-stop shop for you to find all the information you will need to get your new CED grant off to a strong start. It includes informational and demonstration videos, instructions, and resources on a variety of key topics. The toolkit contains information useful for both new and returning grantees.

Technical Assistance & Monitoring

Technical Assistance and Monitoring: An Overview 
In this session from the 2016 CED Grantee Conference, Pooja Patel, Senior Manager at ICF International and Pam Foster, Project Manager with The Brunswick Group, provide an overview of OCS technical assistance and monitoring visits. It discusses key differences between technical assistance and monitoring; goals of each type of activity; how to request technical assistance; examples of issues TA can address; how technical assistance needs are matched to providers (range of expertise); highlight key monitoring issues from recent visits; and how technical assistance and monitoring can be used to ensure continued project success.

What to Expect During Your CED Monitoring Visit
This 2018 session discusses the details of the grantee monitoring visit—the programmatic and financial review of CED funded projects. The presentation addresses the purpose and goals of the visit; key questions that will be asked; the process by which grantees are selected for a monitoring visit; the timeline; and grantee expectations. Grantees come away with an understanding of how to participate in a successful monitoring visit.

Best Practices & Project Highlights

Lessons Learned and Insights from Experienced CED Grantees
In this presentation from the 2017 CED Grantee Conference, a panel of experienced grantees, Nancy Carin, Executive Director, Business Outreach Center Network, Tin Myaing Thein, Executive Director, Pacific Gateway Center, and Isaura Andaluz, Project Director, Cuatro Puertas, shared their experiences and lessons learned and discussed common project challenges (e.g., securing partnerships, leveraging additional funding, recruiting participants, tracking data, mitigating delays, etc.) that newer grantees may face as they implement their CED projects and discussed strategies for addressing these challenges.

CED Project Highlight: Impacting Lives within the Community
In this presentation from the 2017 CED Grantee Conference, CED grantees Tay Waltenbaugh and Jack Brown helped grantees see the connection of the work they are doing - from CED funding, to business creation, to job creation, to impacting individuals’ lives. They discussed the CED project's goals and how the project was created and implemented. Then they provided testimonials from employees who were employed through the project about the impact that the CED-funded /jobs has had on their lives.

Grantee Product Showcase
In this presentation from the 2017 CED Grantee Conference, four CED grantees--Della Clark (The Enterprise Center), Martha Silva (Conexion Americas), Kellie Kinzel (Ventures), and Inna Kinney(Economic and Community Development Institute)--presented products that were developed using their CED grant and drew the connection between the development and distribution of the product and the jobs that were created as a result. They shared several videos highlighting some of the products their organizations developed.

Experienced Grantee Panel 
In this presentation from the 2016 CED Grantee Conference, Liberty Canzater, President and Founder of CED grantee The Butterfly Foundation discusses the success of the organization and its innovative responses to challenges, as part of an Experienced Grantee Panel.

CED Best Practices for Kicking off Your OCS Grant
In this presentation from the 2012 CED/JOLI Grantee Conference, Jen Brandwein, President, Policy and Management Associates, presents guidance and best practices for new CED grantees as they kick off their grants.

Recruiting & Tracking

Partnering to Recruit Job Ready Employees
In this presentation from the 2017 CED Grantee Conference, Deborah List and Dana Matthews discussed opportunities and partners available to grantee organizations—such as Workforce Development Boards—to help connect CED-created businesses to employees that are job ready and have the skills required to fill the jobs being created.

Recruiting and Tracking Employees with Low Income
In this breakout session at the 2016 CED Grantee Conference, a panel of three CED grantees - Jela Ellefson, Grants/Community Development Director at Eastern Market Corporation, Inna Kinney, Founder and CEO of Economic and Community Development Institute, and Leah Whiteside, Project Manager at Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation--discuss strategies and best practices for recruiting low-income participants into jobs being created, verifying their low-income status, and tracking their status throughout the grant.

Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Low Income Employees
In this 2013 webinar, a panel of CED grantees discuss the effective strategies they use to attract and retain the low income employees they hire in their CED-created businesses.

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