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AFI Tools: Resources for Enrolling and Supporting AFI Participants

Published: July 27, 2017
Assets for Independence (AFI)
Guidance, Policies, Procedures, Tools, Resource Guide

Listed below are resources and webinars to help AFI projects enroll and support participants. For information on AFI participant eligibility requirements, go to AFI Participant Eligibility and Selection.

General Resources:

  • Outreach and Recruitment Tips – This document (available for download below) outlines strategies that grantees may want to implement when considering AFI project participant outreach and enrollment.
  • Scenarios to Work Through Project Challenges – This document (available for download below) provides examples of common grantee challenges. Scenarios include increasing the number of people that respond to project outreach, helping people complete the application process, managing the account opening and participant deposit process, and completing asset purchases.
  • Meeting the Needs of Your Community (worksheet) – This worksheet (available for download below in Word and PDF formats) can help grantees identify challenges to AFI project enrollment among potential participants in their communities.
  • Tips for Supporting IDA Holders – This document (available for download below) outlines helpful tips that grantees may want to consider when supporting a AFI project participant to purchase an allowable asset.
  • Financial Education Resources – This document (available for download below) lists helpful resources that grantees may want to utilize when considering supportive financial education for their AFI project participants.

Related Webinars:

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