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Required Federal Systems for AFI Projects

Published: September 29, 2017
Assets for Independence (AFI)
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This page provides information on several federal systems that AFI grantees must use in order to manage their grants in accordance with the terms and conditions of their awards.

GrantSolutions, OLDC, and PMS: Required Management Systems

GrantSolutions is an online grants management system used by many federal grant programs, including AFI. GrantSolutions serves as the official grant file for AFI grants. AFI grantees must use GrantSolutions to:

  • Access and review their Notice of Award (NOA), both the initial and any revisions;
  • Access and review official correspondence from the Office of Grants Management (OGM); and
  • Initiate requests for post-award amendments, such as changes in personnel (authorizing official and project director [PD]/principle investigator [PI]), budget revisions, and no-cost extensions.
  • For AFI awards made in federal fiscal year (FY) 2015 and before, grantees should complete required semi-annual financial reports (SF-425) directly in GrantSolutions. For instructions on how to submit the SF-425, see these GrantSolutions videos.

Online Data Collection (OLDC) is used to submit grant forms. OLDC is administered by the same organization as GrantSolutions, and grantees log-in through the same site. AFI grantees must use OLDC to:

GrantSolutions and OLDC use one username, but access to these systems is granted separately. It is possible for an individual to have access to only GrantSolutions, only OLDC, or both. Contact your Program Specialist if you need access to these systems. If you need a password reset for an existing username, go to GrantSolutions, follow the Login link and then click on Forgot Password/Unlock Account link.

Payment Management System (PMS) is the system that HHS uses to manage grant payment requests. PMS is operated by Payment Management Services (previously known as the Division of Payment Management [DPM]) at the HHS Program Support Center (PSC). PMS is a secure, online grants payment platform which provides awarding agency and grant recipient customers with efficient grant and grant-like payments, cash management, and personal grant accounting support services.

AFI grantees use PMS to:

NOTE: AFI grants are a type B account in PMS, and type B accounts do not require Federal Cash Transaction Reports. If PMS contacts you about a Federal Cash Transaction Report for an AFI grant, make sure that your AFI grant is set up appropriately as a type B account in the PMS system.

The PMS New User Guide website provides information about setting up access to PMS and requesting payment of federal funds. To learn more about PMS, including identifying your organization’s PMS representative, contacting the Help Desk, and much more, visit https://pms.psc.gov/.

SAM, D&B, and Grants.gov: Required Registration Systems

Three systems work together to support the federal office that manages your grant award: the System for Award Management (SAM); the Dun and Bradstreet (D&B)s corporation (D-U-N-S number); and Grants.gov.

The information in these systems is tied to your IRS tax identification number (Employer Identification Number [EIN]). This includes address, phone number, and the approved authorizing official. It is important to keep your organizational information and registrations up-to-date in each of these systems.

NOTE: These are all free systems. You will not receive communication from the federal government that requests payment for registering with these systems or for updating your information. Beware of emails that offer to update your information at a cost to you.

Last Reviewed: April 30, 2018