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SSBG DCL Additional Communication for Stakeholders/Grantees to Address COVID-19

Published: March 16, 2020
Social Services Block Grants (SSBG)
Dear Colleague Notices

Social Services Block Grant

Dear Colleague Letter

DCL#: SSBG-DCL-2020-06

DATE: March 16, 2020

TO: Social Service Block Grant Grantees

SUBJECT: SSBG DCL Additional Communication for Stakeholders/Grantees to Address COVID-19



Dear Colleagues,

While we recommend that you work closely with your state and local public health authorities on issues related to preparing for COVID-19 in your organization and community, we want to share with you federal guidance in a number of areas, which is continuously being updated.

If you are unable to find federal guidance to address your concerns or are encountering any challenges in implementing your programs as a result of the COVID-19 virus, please reach out to your federal program contact, so that we can share this information with the relevant stakeholders to connect you to the information and/or resources you need.

Address inquiries for:

HHS Regions I, II, III, VII, X and Territories:
Christina Clark
Social Services Program Specialist
Telephone: (202) 401-5399
Fax: (202) 401-5718
Email: Christina.Clark@acf.hhs.gov

HHS Regions IV, V, VI, VIII, and IX:
Lynwood McDaniel, Jr.
Services Program Specialist
Telephone: (202) 401-4627
Fax: (202) 401-5718
Email: Lynwood.McDaniel@acf.hhs.gov

Thank you for your attention and OCS looks forward to continuing to provide high quality services to OCS grantees.

J. Janelle George
Acting Deputy Director
Office of Community Services

Last Reviewed: March 16, 2020