AFI Case Study: Young Mother Successfully Tackles Debt, Secures Permanent Home & Works to Finish College

June 20, 2019
Shakemia Clark

Shakemia Clark, 22, was only one year away from completing her bachelor’s degree in finance from Cheyney University when she became pregnant.   Unable to stay with her family, she began living with a friend.

Soon that arrangement ended and Shakemia and her 3-year-old were homeless; although she had a job, her salary was too low for her to afford shelter. At that desperate point, she learned about the Community Action Agency of Delaware County (CAADC).

The CAADC case manager assigned to Shakemia and her son quickly found them temporary housing and got to work on a more permanent living situation.

Shakemia enrolled in CAADC’s First Time Home Buyers Program for assistance in finding a home in her price range and completing the paperwork associated with home-ownership.  The program also taught her about the complexities of obtaining a mortgage and helped her improve her credit by establishing a plan to pay off her debts.

Finally, with much of her outstanding debt paid off and with the help of a realtor, Shakemia found a home that was perfect for her and her son.  She submitted a bid and after several  anxious days, her case manager called with the good news.  A month later, Shakemia and her son moved into their new home.

Shakemia is maintaining a full-time job and has re-enrolled in college to complete the final year of her finance degree.  CAADC provided the extra boost she needed to become a proud homeowner and a college graduate.