CED 2017 Conference Materials

Publication Date: March 30, 2017

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The Office of Community Services sponsored the 2017 Community Economic Development (CED) Grantee Conference in Alexandria, VA on March 22nd - March 24th, 2017. This conference provided an opportunity for all grantees with active projects to share experiences, identify challenges, formulate creative solutions, and network with peers.

The presentations slides and other materials are provided below for reference.

2017 CED Grantee Conference Agenda


Day 1

Understanding Reporting Requirements and Collecting Data

  • Lara Malakoff, Technical Specialist, ICF 

Submitting Your Performance Progress Report

  • Whitney Marsland, Associate, ICF 

Lessons Learned and Insights from Experienced CED Grantees

  • Nancy Carin, Executive Director, Business Outreach Center Network (NY)
  • Tin Myaing Thein, Executive Director, Pacific Gateway Center (HI)
  • Isaura Andaluz, Project Director, Cuatro Puertas (NM)

Overview of Grants Management Policies, Procedures, and Resources

  • Marcus Perkins, Grants Management Specialist, Office of Grants Management

Day 2

CED Project Highlight: Impacting Lives within the Community

  • Tay Waltenbaugh, Chief Executive Officer, Westmoreland Community Action (PA)
  • Jack J. Brown, Director of Community Services, Westmoreland Community Action (PA)

Accessing Supports to Remove Barriers to Employment

  • Kiersten Beigel, Senior Program Specialist, Early Childhood Division, Administration for Children and Families
  • Jim Stark, Chief Executive Officer, Fayette County Community Action Agency (PA)

Making Sense of Your Performance Progress Report

  • Lara Malakoff, Technical Specialist, ICF
  • Whitney Marsland, Associate, ICF

Partnering to Recruit Job Ready Employees

  • Deborah List, Associate Deputy Director, Office of Family Assistance, Administration for Children and Families
  • Dana Matthews, Workforce Analyst, U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, Division of WIA Adult Services (DWASWS), Office of Workforce Investment

Preparing for Your Monitoring Visit

  • Pam Foster, Project Manager, The Brunswick Group
  • Archie Colander, Consultant, BCT Partners

Day 3

Engaging Grantee Boards in CED Projects

  • Pam Foster, Project Manager, The Brunswick Group

Grantee Product Showcase

  • Della Clark, President and CEO, The Enterprise Center (PA)
  • Martha Silva, Senior Director of Economic Integration, Conexion Americas (TN)
  • Kellie Kinzel, Data and Evaluation Manager, Ventures (WA)
  • Inna Kinney, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Economic and Community Development Institute (OH)

Leveraging CDFIs to Create Quality Jobs & Fight Income Inequality

  • Daniel Brett, Associate Director, Insight, Pacific Community Ventures
  • Donna Fabiani, Executive Vice President, Knowledge Sharing, Opportunity Finance Network
  • Paul Scalzone, Program Director, Workforce Solutions, Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (ME)
  • Jennifer Sporzynski, Senior Program Director, Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (ME)

Upcoming Funding Opportunities at OCS/Closing Remarks

  • Gerald Shanklin, Program Specialist, Office of Community Services
  • Scott Riggins, Program Specialist, Assets for Independence
  • Rafael J. Elizalde, Program Manager, Division of Community Discretionary and Demonstration Programs, OCS


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