CED Data Collection and Performance Progress Report (PPR)

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All CED grantees are expected to track data on jobs and businesses throughout the course of their projects and report progress through the Performance Progress Report (PPR). The PPR is due semi-annually according to the schedule below, and it is submitted online through the On-line Data Collection System (OLDC). Review the materials in this section to learn more about how to collect data about your project and submit your semi-annual PPRs in OLDC.

Reporting Period Covered Reporting System Opens Due Date
October 1 - March 31 April 1 April 30
April 1 - September 30 October 1 October 31

PPR Forms and Instructions

PPR Forms and Instructions contains CED PPR forms A, B and E, as well as instructions for properly filling out the forms.

This document should only be used as an example, it is not for submission. PPRs must be submitted semi-annually within OLDC. 

How to Start Collecting Data for Your CED Grant

Data collection is important because it provides the opportunity for both program-level monitoring and analysis, as well as grantee-level monitoring.

It also provides grantees with a way to track their progress over the course of their grant.

Watch this video about the forms and indicators included in the PPR and begin collecting data for you CED grant.

Using the Data Collection Tool

The Data Collection Tool is an Excel-based tool designed to simplify collecting data for Form A of the PPR. The tool will help you clarify exactly what information you need to be collecting and calculates all the information needed for Form A. If you track the necessary information in the tool, you’ll have accurate numbers to plug into the PPR in the OLDC system.

Download this tool. (Click the PPR Data Collection Tool link, then right click the file and select Download)

Watch this video to see a demo of the Data Collection tool.


Reporting through the On-Line Data Collection System

Watch this video for a demonstration of how to submit your PPR and SF-425 forms through OLDC.

Note: Minor screen changes have been made to the OLDC system that are not reflected in this video. However, functionality has not changed.

If you need help logging into OLDC through GrantSolutions, please review the resources in the Systems for Grant Administration module.


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