CED Grantee Toolkit

Publication Date: September 10, 2018

The CED Grantee Toolkit is a one-stop shop for CED grantees to find all the information you will need to successfully manage your grant and create impactful job creation. Each section contains program information, tools, and resources for grantees to refer to throughout the life of your CED grant. For questions, please contact OCSregistrar@icf.com.

How Do I Get Started with My CED Grant?

View this topic to learn about your Notice of Grant Award (NGA), program and federal requirements, and where to get assistance.



How Do I Work with ACF Offices?

View this topic to learn about the Office of Community Services, Office of Grants Management, and Payment Management Services as well as how to contact them.


How Do I Access Reporting and Grants Management Systems?

View this topic to learn how to use GrantSolutions, On-line Data Collection System (OLDC), and Payment Management System (PMS).



How do I Collect and Submit My Project Data?

View this topic to learn how to collect and report data in the Performance Progress Report (PPR).



How Do I Get Help with Completing My Project?

View this topic to learn about technical assistance, monitoring, no-cost extensions, and real property.



How Can I Support Businesses, Employees, and Community Development?

View this topic to learn about empowering employees' financial knowledge and capacity and partnering with CDFIs.

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