CED Post-Award Activities

Publication Date: March 6, 2020
This module is part of the CED Grantee Toolkit.

Along with data collection and reporting, grantees may complete additional post-award activities during the life of their grant. This module provides an overview of these activities. If you have questions on the activities, please contact your Program Specialist or OCSRegistrar@icf.com.

Technical Assistance

Did you know that targeted technical assistance is available to CED grantees at no cost? Technical Assistance (TA) helps grantees address and overcome project challenges throughout the grant period helping to ensure the livelihood of project success. TA is a targeted and specialized resource that grantees can take advantage of to help move their projects forward, address challenges, and successfully implement their projects.

The Technical Assistance for CED Grantees Resource explains how grantees can utilize TA provided by the Office of Community Services (OCS) to support their projects.

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Monitoring provides a programmatic and fiscal review of a CED project. Each year, OCS chooses a group of CED grantees to receive an on-site monitoring visit. Undergoing a set of monitoring visits each year is a part of OCS' ongoing efforts to implement methods to constructively assist in the facilitation of project implementation, increase impact, and secure successful project outcomes.

The Monitoring for CED Grantees Resource helps grantees understand the monitoring process and how to ensure a successful monitoring visit.

No-Cost Extension

Need more time to complete your grant activities? A no-cost extension (NCE) allows a grantee to extend the project period end date by up to 12-months for the sole purpose of completing grant activities without additional funding or spending additional grant funds. An NCE request must be submitted in GrantSolutions at least 45-calendar days prior to the end of the project period.

The No-Cost Extension Request Process Resource explains how grantees can request an NCE and includes a downloadable template grantees may use to complete the cover letter that is required with the NCE request.

Change of Scope

A change of scope request must be submitted if a grantee decides to take the project in a different direction than what was proposed in the application. Examples changes that require a change of scope include: geographic scope change; change in type of businesses created; and change in project partner.

The Change of Scope Request Resource explains how grantees can submit a change of scope request and includes a downloadable template grantees may use to complete the cover letter and Change Request Form Table.

Budget Modification

A budget modification request, the most common type of grant amendment, occurs when a grantee, after consulting their OCS Program Specialist and OGM Grants Management Specialist, determine they need to make changes to the project budget.

The Budget Modification Request Resource explains how grantees can request an NCE and includes a downloadable template grantees may use to complete the cover letter.

Real Property

CED Grantees must adhere to ACF guidance regarding property — real property, tangible personal property, and intangible personal property. The ACF Real Property Guidance: What Does it Mean for My CED Grant? Resource addresses ACF’s Real Property Guidance and its application to Community Economic Development (CED) grants.

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