CED Systems for Grant Administration

A CED Grantee Module

This module is part of the CED Grantee Toolkit.

There are three main systems you will access to manage your grant: GrantSolutions, On-Line Data Collection System (OLDC), and Payment Management System (PMS). Review the materials in this section to learn more about how to access these systems and use them to implement your grant and meet the requirements of the CED program.


Watch this video and tutorial on using GrantSolutions.

GrantSolutions is a grants management tool that provides an online venue for OCS and OGM to work with you to manage your award. It facilitates the electronic sharing of information by allowing grantees, program offices, and grant offices the ability to collaborate with one another about their grants. This is the system in which the majority of grant-related activities and communication will occur.


On-Line Data Collection System

Watch this video Visit disclaimer page to learn how to use OLDC to submit semi-annual PPRs. Minor screen changes made to OLDC are not reflected in this video. Functionality has not changed.

You will access OLDC through the GrantSolutions website. OLDC is where you will submit your semi-annual Performance Progress Reports (PPRs). In these reports, you will share detailed progress of your project with OCS. Benefits of OLDC include:

  • PPRs submitted through a secure site, 

  • Rule validations and data checks,

  • Can upload attachments to the PPR,

  • Automatic notification of submission, approval, rejection, and

  • Cumulative tracking of project progress.

View Gaining Access to OLDC to obtain access to the system.


Payment Management System

The Payment Management System (PMS) Visit disclaimer page is the system you will use to draw down grant funds. View the following resources on the PMS website:

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