CED Working with ACF and HHS Offices

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Working with ACF and HHS Offices for Your CED Grant

The Administration for Children and Families, within HHS, is responsible for Federal programs that promote the economic and social well-being of families, children, individuals, and communities.

  • The Office of Community Services (OCS) has primary responsibility for implementing the CED program. 
  • The Office of Grants Management (OGM) within the Office of Administration oversees the business aspects and financial areas of grant award and administration. 
  • Payment Management Services (PMS), an office within HHS but outside of ACF, works in partnership with OCS and OGM to support CED grantees' receipt of Federal grant funds. 


Watch this video Visit disclaimer page to learn about the ACF offices.


    Office of Community Services

    OCS program objectives include:

    • Increase capacity of individuals and families to become self-sufficient, through the creation of employment and business opportunities;
    • Revitalize communities;
    • Build stability and capacity so that people are able to create their own opportunities; and
    • Assist grantees to maximize the success of their grants.

    You will work with an assigned Program Specialist at OCS on the programmatic aspects of your grant, and this is the person you will most often talk with about your project. 

    Office of Grants Management

    OGM administers the fiscal aspect of the grant award. OGM works in collaboration with OCS to ensure grantee compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.

    OGM activities include:

    • Issuing grant awards,
    • Receiving original reports, such as Federal Financial, Equipment, and Property reports,
    • Processing changes in key personnel, agency leadership, or partnerships with financial institutions,
    • Ensuring grantee compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies, and procedures, and
    • Coordinating with OCS on programmatic issues.

    You can find out who your assigned Grants Management Specialist is in GrantSolutions by selecting the Project Assignments icon under Actions. 

    Payment Management Services

    PMS Visit disclaimer page , an office with HHS but outside of ACF, provides automated grant payment and cash management services for several Federal agencies. PMS will work with you over the life of your grant to help in matters related to disbursement of your funds.

    You will contact them to:

    • Establish the electronic funds transfer process using the 1199A Form,
    • Access grant funds,
    • Return unused Federal funds at the end of the grant period, and
    • File quarterly Federal cash transaction reports, which is also referred to as the SF-425.

    If your organization is a brand new HHS grantee, you will be sent an email from PMS instructing you on how to create an account. If your organization has had other grants with HHS before, you will not be contacted by PMS - you will use your existing account information.

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