CSBG Tools Tribal Technical Assistance Resource Guide

Publication Date: April 11, 2017

This annual publication of a Tribal Resource Guide was created by Lux Consulting Group, Incorporated in the performance of the Office of Community Services (OCS), Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) contract and led by COR Monique Alcantara. The program guide is designed to provide Community Services Block Grant Tribal grantees guidance and tools for administering CSBG program activities, as well as grant information to Tribes and Tribal organizations seeking to learn about the CSBG. The guide provides both grantees and non-grantees guidance on regulations governing the Tribal CSBG program, funding availability and requirements, and the CSBG funding application process. Additionally, the guide contains technical assistance tools and resources to help CSBG grantees meet the CSBG program goals and objectives.

The OCS is tasked through ACF strategic initiatives to strengthen technical assistance to tribal governments and organizations in the CSBG through consultation with tribal representatives and development of technical assistance guidance specifically targeted to tribal anti-poverty and program accountability efforts.

An external link to the CSBG Tribal Resource Guide where Lux Consulting has published an online version of the Tribal CSBG Program & Resource Guide:

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