Q & A: Archive TANF -- Caseload Reduction Credit Reports

Publication Date: May 1, 2012


Archive TANF Q and A

Caseload Reduction Credit Reports

Q1: When is the first caseload reduction report due under these rules?

A1: Under the final rules, the caseload reduction credit report is due on December 31 of the fiscal year of the report. The first report that States must submit under the rules is the report that applies to the FY 2000 participation rates. It is due on December 31, 1999 (i.e., in FY 2000). This report will address the caseload reduction that occurred between FY 1995 and FY 1999.

Thus, the report is due three months after the data are potentially available. For example, the report due on December 31, 1999, incorporates information on caseloads through September 30, 1999. Under this schedule, a State will know the target rate that it must meet for the current fiscal year before that year ends.

We did not follow this schedule before the regulations took effect because the statute did not establish a reporting deadline, and we recognized that States needed additional time to compile this new information during the initial stages of implementation.

State Plans:

Q1: Must those States that are due to submit their new plans by December 31 also submit plan amendments to address final rule requirements that they implement by October 1?

A1: We issued guidance on the submittal of new State TANF plans on May 15, 1998 (see TANF-ACF-PA-98-3). Under this guidance, most States and Territories must submit new plans by December 31, 1999. However, we recommend that States submit their plans prior to this due date because that would ensure that we have adequate time to review for completeness and would prevent any delays in determining that States are eligible for continued funding.

With regard to plan changes required to be implemented by October 1, 1999, the effective date of the final TANF rules, States may include the changes required by the final TANF rules in their new plans, together with an explanation that these changes were effective October 1, 1999.

Q2: When must States that have already submitted new complete plans (i.e., Michigan, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Vermont) submit plan amendments?

A2: States that submitted complete plans last year must submit plan amendments to incorporate changes required by the final regulations. New plans for these States are not due until the first quarter of fiscal year 2002.

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