What are the requirements and how do I submit my Non-Competing Continuation Application?

Publication Date: May 23, 2016


Please utilize GrantSolutions to submit your Non-Competing Continuation (NCC) Application. The non-competing continuation application kit has been uploaded to GrantSolutions and contains all of the information necessary for you to complete your application. In the kit, you will find the Application Kit Instructions (PDF). This document contains information about each item to be completed or uploaded to the application, specific guidance on the level of detail needed for the budget narrative, and specific items that need to be included in your Year 5 budget related to travel. Please review the instructions thoroughly and remember that your program narrative and budget narrative should correspond regarding number of participants and services.

There are also two additional documents that will be helpful to you in submitting your NCC— an HPOG Example Budget Narrative (PDF) and Instructions for Completing the Year 5 Project Narrative (FY2020 First Semi-Annual PPR) in PAGES (PDF). The example budget reflects acceptable formatting, level of explanation, cost calculations, and appropriate placement of costs that may be used in conjunction with the budget guidance given in the Application Kit Instructions. The Instructions for Completing the Year 5 Project Narrative in PAGES detail the required completion of the 2020 Projections and Performance Explanations.

The application for a non-competing continuation for your Health Profession Opportunity Grant is due no later than 11:59pm EST on April 30, 2019, in order to process the grant award in a timely fashion.

The HPOG team walked through these requirements during a webinar on May 24, 2016. The video Visit disclaimer page of that webinar and its associated slides (PDF) may also be helpful in completing your application. Please note the application instruction documents have been updated since this webinar and grantees should refer to the current instruction documents.

Should you have any questions concerning your continuation grant application, please contact your Program Specialist.

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