What types of revisions require prior approval and/or a budget revision?

Publication Date: May 7, 2015


In general, grantees are allowed a certain degree of latitude to re-budget within and between budget categories to meet unanticipated needs and to make other types of post-award changes; provided the budget changes are for activities detailed in the approved program narrative for that budget period and do not meet one or more of the below prior approval requirements:

The 45 CFR Part 75.308 Visit disclaimer page states that written approval is required from ACF prior to grantees implementing a budget modification for any of the following:

  1. Change in scope or objective of the project or program (even if there is no associated budget revision requiring prior written approval).
  2. Change in key personnel (This would include the Program Director (PD) or Authorized Official (AO) named in the notice of grant award.)
  3. The absence/disengagement from the project of key personnel for more than 3 months or 25% of his/her time
  4. The inclusion, unless waived by the HHS awarding agency, of costs that require prior approval in accordance with subpart E of 45 CFR 75, or 45 CFR 75 Appendix IX of this part, or 48 CFR part 31, as applicable.  (This would include items such as alternation and renovation of real property and equipment not previously approved.)
  5. The transfer of funds budgeted for participant support costs as defined in 45 CFR 75.2 to other categories of expense.
  6. Transfer or contracting out work not approved in application
  7. Changes in the amount of approved cost-sharing or matching provided by the non-Federal entity.
  8. The need arises for additional Federal funds to complete the project.
  9. The inclusion of research patient care costs in research awards made for the performance of research work.
  10. The provision of subawards by a pass-through entity on fixed amounts up to the Simplified Acquisition Threshold, provided that the subawards meet the requirements for fixed amount awards in 45 CFR 75.201. See 45 CFR 75.353.
  11. The recipient wishes to dispose of, replace, or encumber title to real property, equipment, or intangible property that are acquired or improved with a Federal award. See 45 CFR 75.318, 75.320, 75.322, and 75.323.
  12. Significant Rebudgeting — Transfer of direct costs of 25% or more of total costs of the last approved award is considered significant rebudgeting.
  13. Carryover of Unobligated Balances

Please contact your program specialist if you have any questions about this.

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