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  • HPOG Promising Practice: Chicago State University - Education, Training, & Support; Employment Strategies (New)

    The Partnership to STEP UP in Health Careers (STEP-UP) program at the Chicago State University focuses on a multi-level approach to career improvement in high demand health professions. The program serves low-income individuals and TANF recipients in Chicago, especially the south side and the southern suburbs.
  • HPOG Promising Practice: Hostos Community College - Education, Training, & Support Services (New)

    The Allied Health Career Pipeline at Hostos Community College recognized they needed to focus on Adult Basic Education (ABE) training to help their participants achieve success. They introduced ABE training in 2018 as a part of their Home Health Aide (HHA) training and later offered it as a prerequisite to Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) students.
  • HPOG Success Story: Amber at the Eastern Connecticut Workforce Investment Board (New)

    Amber was a young mother struggling to raise her two children when she walked into the Danielson American Job Center in east Connecticut. While working with an Employment Advocate (EA), she mentioned an interest in a career in healthcare. Her EA directed her to Health Careers Advancement Project (Health CAP), an HPOG program facilitated by Eastern Connecticut Workforce Investment Board, Inc. Health CAP provides opportunities for TANF recipients and other low-income individuals to obtain occupational training in many healthcare tracks. Amber spoke to an HPOG navigator about how to enter the Health CAP program.
  • HPOG Success Story: Leigha at San Jacinto Community College (New)

    Leigha grew up in La Marque, Texas in a low-income home. Her mother worked at different healthcare facilities as a certified nurse aide (CNA) with long night shifts. Despite her mother’s efforts, it never seemed to be enough to keep their family stable. Her mother’s healthcare career exposed Leigha to the field at an early age. Leigha loved the thought of helping others. Her mother exemplified a deep gratitude for her work and compassion despite the challenges of the job. Leigha admired her mother for persevering through her struggles and desired a career that would help people overcome adversity.
  • OFA Releases FY 2019 Characteristics and Financial Circumstances of TANF Recipients Data (New)

    OFA Releases FY 2019 Characteristics and Financial Circumstances of TANF Recipients Data
  • HPOG Promising Practice: Great Plains Tribal Chairmen's Health Board - Partnership; Education, Training, & Support (New)

    The Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board (GPTCHB) implements the Great Plains Pathways to Healthcare Professions (PHP) program in a cross-section of urban sites, rural areas, and reservations across South Dakota and Nebraska. PHP provides support services for recipients to obtain basic skills education as well as credentials recognized by the local healthcare industry.
  • TANF Caseload Data 2020 (Updated)

    Index page for fiscal year 2020 TANF caseload data
  • HPOG Promising Practice: Turtle Mountain Community College - Education, Training, & Support; Employment Strategies

    The Health Education Access through Rural Training (HEART) Project at Turtle Mountain Community College provides educational opportunities to TANF and low-income individuals living in rural communities. Participants receive training for occupations in the healthcare field that pay well and experience labor shortages or are in high demand.
  • HPOG Success Story: Sunshine at Rogue Community College

    If you asked Sunshine five years ago where she would be today, her answer would certainly be different. In that short time, she found sobriety, earned a medical assistant certificate and began a career in the healthcare field. Sunshine is a single mother of two boys, living in Medford, OR. For years, she battled addiction and generational poverty. She wanted more for herself and her family but struggled to find it. Sunshine bravely took steps to overcome her barriers. In February of 2017, Sunshine attended an information session about the HPOG-funded Southern Oregon Health Occupations Poverty Elimination project (SOHOPE). During the information session, Sunshine learned the healthcare industry needed skilled workers. She could see herself taking classes and earning a certificate as a healthcare professional. Sunshine says, “This opportunity came into my life in the perfect time. Being a mom was everything to me, and I knew staying in base jobs would not allow us to have a better quality of life.”
  • Characteristics and Financial Circumstances of TANF Recipients, Fiscal Year 2019

    These tables provide demographic data on the age, gender, and race/ethnicity of adults and children in TANF and Separate State Program (SSP)-Maintenance-of-Effort (MOE) active families and closed cases, as well as data on the financial circumstances of TANF cash assistance recipients.