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  • HPOG Promising Practice: Pima Community College–Education, Training, & Support Services (New)

    Pima County Community College supports community healthcare and workforce needs through the Health Career Opportunities with Personalized Education Supports (HOPES) program. Funded by a Health Profession Opportunity Grant (HPOG), HOPES provides training in high-demand healthcare fields to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) recipients and other low-income individuals. Throughout the years, HOPES lives up to its namesake with continued participant success.
  • HPOG Success Story: Janie at Volunteers of America Texas (New)

    Janie grew up in a low-income neighborhood in Houston, Texas. The trailer park she lived in was constantly filled with yelling, anger, and alcohol-fueled bouts of rage from her parents. Her parents never had steady employment, nor did they provide Janie with the basic necessities she needed as a child. Janie learned about Volunteers of America Texas Health Professions Opportunity Grants (HPOG) at a recruitment event at a local community college. She listened carefully to the presentation about HPOG but was apprehensive about applying. She figured she had nothing to lose and applied in the fall of 2016.
  • HPOG Success Story: Nuvia at Action for a Better Community, Inc. (New)

    Nuvia came to Rochester, New York from Cuba where she worked as a registered nurse (RN). Coming to America as a refugee was exciting but not without conflict and challenges. When she relocated with her husband and two children, she did not speak English well and needed to find employment to support her family. Nuvia applied for many entry-level jobs in the healthcare field and at local restaurants, but she was turned away each time. She was not ready to give up on her goals of helping her family reach self-sufficiency. Nuvia knew that improving her English was the first step. In October 2017, she enrolled in an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) class at the Office of Adult and Career Education Services (OACES). OACES is a recruitment partner for the ROC-HPOG: Rochester Health Profession Opportunity Grant Project, facilitated by Action for a Better Community, Inc. After enrolling in the ESOL program, Nuvia learned about ROC-HPOG from a classmate. She was very excited about the opportunity to have financial and emotional support from the ROC-HPOG team while training in the healthcare field. After meeting her navigator, Dr. Malalah, she felt that with HPOG’s help, she could once again work in the healthcare field. Working together, they devised a plan to get Nuvia back to work as a registered nurse.
  • HPOG Promising Practice: Volunteers of America Michigan–Employment Strategies and Education, Training, & Support Services

    In July 2019, Volunteers of America Michigan (VOAMI) added a new staff role to their VOAMI Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) program. The Training and Enrichment (TE) Specialist offers extra guidance to participants as they move from enrollment to healthcare training to employment. The TE Specialist offers one-on-one support, connecting participants to the best resources for their needs. They host workshops and job fairs and also reach out to local healthcare employers to stay up to date on open positions, company culture, and future needs.
  • HPOG Participant Career Progress Infographic

    Follow the training and employment career progress of HPOG 2.0 participants in the latest infographic from HPOG.
  • HPOG Promising Practice: Montefiore Medical Center–Education, Training, & Support Services

    Montefiore Medical Center focuses on promoting healthier neighborhoods through commitment to community and population health. They are helping build healthcare workforce development opportunities for residents of the Bronx, New York and its surrounding communities. Montefiore Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) provides support to its participants to complete home health aide training, obtain employment, and pursue career advancement. To date, Montefiore HPOG has helped hundreds along career pathways to self-sufficiency.
  • HPOG Promising Practice: Cook Inlet Tribal Council - Partnership; Education, Training, and Support Services

    Healthcare employers in Anchorage, AK, look beyond test scores when hiring entry-level employees. The demand for new hires with interpersonal and soft skills is on the rise. Employer partners of the Cook Inlet Tribal Council Health Profession Opportunity Grants (CITC HPOG) program in Alaska stated a clear need for entry-level employees to demonstrate such skills. Initiative and a strong work ethic are highly sought-after traits, yet they are often hard to find in the incoming local healthcare workforce.
  • HPOG Success Story: Jenica at the South Carolina Department of Social Services

    At the age of 35, Jenica was a working student supporting five children. She temped as a medical surgical technician, making $9.35 an hour while studying to fulfill her dream of becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Her family received SNAP benefits, but Jenica knew she needed more support to achieve her goal of becoming self-sufficient. While searching for assistance, Jenica learned of Project HOPE: Healthcare Occupations Preparation for Employment. While attending a Project HOPE information session, she learned they could provide her with the assistance she was seeking. She enrolled in Project HOPE on June 26, 2017. Jenica was so excited that she cried tears of joy.
  • HPOG Promising Practice: Alamo Colleges District - Partnership; Employment Strategies

    Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) recipients in Texas face a challenge when it comes to training and education. Under the state’s work-first service model, parents are required to work a minimum of 30 to 40 hours a week to receive TANF benefits. This forces them to choose between work and school. Through thoughtful planning with community partners, Alamo Colleges District’s Alamo Health Profession Opportunity Grant (Alamo HPOG) program found a way to offer full-time training to TANF recipients without fear of losing their benefits.
  • HPOG Success Story Brandi at Zepf Center

    Brandi has a long-standing passion for medicine. The mother of two worked for many years as a registered medical assistant before making the decision to go back to school to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN). With few nursing school options near, Brandi and her family relocated to her hometown of Toledo, Ohio. Once she settled back in Toledo, Brandi enrolled at Professional Skills Institute (PSI). One fateful day, Brandi ran into an old family friend who had graduated from PSI. They told Brandi about Zepf Center’s Northwest Ohio Pathway to Healthcare Careers (NOPHC) project funded by the Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) program.