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  • TANF-ACF-IM-2019-01 (State Work Participation Rates for FY 2018)

    Published: June 21, 2019
    Work Participation Rates for FY 2018
  • Work Participation Rates - Fiscal Year 2018

    Published: June 17, 2019
    Summary Table for Work Participation Rates and Engagement in Work Activities, Fiscal Year (FY) 2018
  • HPOG Promising Practice: South Carolina Department of Social Services, Employment Strategies – Education, Training, and Support

    Published: June 6, 2019
    Project HOPE, funded by the Health Professions Opportunity Grant (HPOG) program, provides education and training to low-income individuals in South Carolina to prepare them for well-paying careers in healthcare.
  • OFA Regional TANF Managers

    Published: May 31, 2019
    Regional Program Managers and their contact information.
  • HPOG Promising Practice: Hostos Community College, Employment Strategies–Education, Training, and Support Services

    Published: May 30, 2019
    Hostos Community College proves that personalized case management and career services are the keys to successful employment in healthcare. For their Allied Health Career Pipeline Program, Hostos Community College utilizes a three-phase case management approach to ensure successful outcomes: Orientation to Training, Completion to Career Services, and Career Services to Employment. By focusing on student engagement and individual case management throughout the program, students are motivated, supported, and empowered to achieve their goals.
  • HPOG Promising Practice: Pima County Community College, Partnership and Employment Strategies

    Published: May 24, 2019
    Pima Community College’s HPOG HOPES program trains low-income residents of Pima County, Arizona in the field of healthcare. HOPES offers entry to education by providing tuition and personalized support services. As demand for skilled employees in healthcare rises, so does the number of HOPES participants.
  • HPOG Promising Practice: Zepf Center, Training and Supportive Services

    Published: May 15, 2019
    It takes both support and understanding to break through poverty. The Northwest Ohio Pathway to Healthcare Careers (NOPHC) is building a new mindset for both staff and program participants in the city of Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio. Understanding the unique circumstances of each of its participants is the backbone of the success of NOPHC, a part of the NetWORK division at Zepf Center.
  • HPOG Promising Practice: Worksystems, Partnerships and Employment Strategies

    Published: May 10, 2019
    The strength of Health Careers Northwest (HCNW) lies in the strategy to forge meaningful partnerships in the Portland Metro region. Health Careers Northwest is a WorkSource Portland Metro program financed with funds awarded to Worksystems, Inc., through the Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG). HCNW provides coaching, training, and job placement support to low-income adults interested in healthcare. A strong partnership with the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) and their Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) clients has led to high program enrollment and completion. Thanks to this approach, TANF recipients are succeeding at the same high rate as all HCNW clients.
  • HPOG Promising Practice: The WorkPlace, Employment Strategies

    Published: May 3, 2019
    Workshops build skills and knowledge for graduates of the Health CareeRx Academy. The residents of Connecticut are growing older. Many chose to live their final days in the comfort of their own home. The Health CareeRx Academy at The WorkPlace offers workshops to educate program participants on proper care for aging communities.
  • HPOG Success Story Video: Uriah at Cook Inlet Tribal Council

    Published: May 2, 2019
    Uriah Keith faced many challenges growing up in Anchorage, Alaska. With his young son in mind, he decided to change his life for the better. After receiving recovery assistance from Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC), and with the support and training provided by their HPOG program, he is giving back to community members and enjoying a life of success and well-being.