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This promising practice case study highlights STEP UP’s career laddering program offered to its participants.

HPOG Carryover Webinar

January 6, 2017

The HPOG team hosted a Carryover Webinar for HPOG program directors on December 14, 2016. During this webinar, Kim Stupica-Dobbs, OFA Program Manager for HPOG, discussed the requirements of carryover requests, submission timelines, and answered questions with current HPOG grantees.

A program abstract of Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, an HPOG grantee.

A program abstract of Project HOPE, an HPOG grantee.

A program abstract of the Montefiore Medical Center, an HPOG grantee.

A program abstract of Edmonds College, an HPOG grantee.

A program abstract of the Eastern Connecticut Workforce, an HPOG grantee.

Visit OPRE’s website to learn about HPOG's Impact Study and how it plans to demonstrate how variations in program services affect program impacts. You can also access all reports on the study on this website.

As part of a project supported by the HHS IDEA LAB Visit disclaimer page , OFA tested design thinking’s utility as a creative problem solving approach for social service organizations with three of its grantees. After introducing the grantees to design thinking, the organizations learned the methodology by using it to solve a challenge of their choice. The publication, “Creating Solutions Together:  Design Thinking, The Office of Family Assistance and 3 Grantees,” captures the process used and the grantees’ experience and reflections on the project. Not familiar with design thinking? At its heart, design thinking is a human-centered approach to problem-solving. It consists of a set of tools that focus on empathy for the end-user in the creation and consideration of any solution.

This report presents findings from the Systems Change Analysis of the 27 non-tribal HPOG grantees funded in 2010, which operated 49 programs. This study addresses the major research question: What changes to the service delivery system are associated with program implementation? For detailed information, review the Systems Change under the Health Profession Opportunity Grants Program Report.