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Please send an email inquiry to They will provide you with a New User Request Form that must be signed by the Grantee Manager. If you are a new Program Director, your OFA Program Specialist will need to sign your form prior to sending it to PAGES. Current PAGES account holders can also find this form under the PAGES Resources section, titled New User Account Request Form. Also see PAGES User Guide and PAGES Glossary for additional PAGES Information.

Grantees should be referencing Code of Federal Regulations 45 (Public Welfare) Part 75. 45 CFR 75 Visit disclaimer page lays out the uniform administrative requirements, cost principles, and audit requirements for HHS awards.

Grantees should first login to their PAGES account Visit disclaimer page and bring up their homepage. On the top blue bar, click the down arrow to the right of the word PAGES. Then navigate to Resources, listed under Help. Be sure to view ALL Resources as there are guides, glossaries, slides, etc. For webinar links, find the document titled Links to PAGES Training Webinars.

Addition of New Healthcare Occupational Trainings

Background: The healthcare occupations that were proposed in the grant application documents, and agreed upon by OFA, are the occupations that are considered approved for training participants. Programs are only allowed to train those healthcare occupations. Programs are allowed to add other healthcare occupational trainings as new labor market needs are identified, as long as those occupations are part of an articulated career pathway. Programs can add those healthcare occupational trainings, and offer training, after receiving approval from OFA.

Approval Process: Before the organization can train for a new healthcare occupation, the grantee will upload a justification containing the following items to GrantSolutions as a Grant Note using the naming convention Add Occ NAME MM YYYY Proposed (e.g. Add Occ Surgical Tech 11 2015 Proposed)

  • The most pertinent Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code for the healthcare occupational training and a description of the new occupational training.
  • How the proposed healthcare occupation training is preparing students for one or more specific employer or industry recognized credential or degree (which can include a license, third-party certification, postsecondary educational certificate or degree, or a Registered Apprenticeship certificate).
  • A description, narrative or diagram, of the career pathway for the healthcare occupation.
  • Labor market information, including employment rates, projected employment rates, and number of job openings.
  • Real-time labor market trends, including job posting volume, and educational or experience requirements.
  • Occupational wage data, including the median wage and wage ranges.
  • Estimated average starting wages within the proposed service area.
  • Verification from local employers regarding their needs and expectations.
  • Local training capacity including the provider and length of training.
  • Estimated number of participants that will begin the occupational training and an indication of if this addition would require other workplan projection changes.

OFA will note approval for the new healthcare occupation in GrantSolutions. Once OFA has done this, the new occupation with vendor information can be input into PAGES and training can be offered to participants for that occupation.

Please see the HPOG Carryover Webinar from December 2016. You may also want to reference the HPOG Carryover Submission Checklist. If you have additional questions, please contact your program specialist.

Please utilize GrantSolutions to submit your Non-Competing Continuation (NCC) Application. The non-competing continuation application kit has been uploaded to GrantSolutions and contains all of the information necessary for you to complete your application.

Please review the PPR Submission Checklist (PDF) for detailed guidance on how to complete your PPR. Please make sure to review this guidance carefully. The checklist also mentions the ACF Waiver Release Form (PDF). Please be sure to review and complete as necessary. As always, if you have questions, please contact your program specialist.

HPOG provides responsive technical assistance (TA) to grantees across a number of topics and in a number of formats.  You can select from a menu of Technical Assistance topics, but please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list.  We can provide Technical Assistance to respond to your unique needs.  TA can take the form of phone calls, webinars, site exchanges with a peer grantee, or on-site training.  Contact your Program Specialist to discuss further or if you wish to put in a formal request for TA.

OFA has outlined below its positions and related policies for both Enrolling Existing Students and Providing ABE services.