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Take a look at life outside the classroom for the average HPOG 2.0 participant at the time of enrollment with the newest animation from HPOG.

This paper offers real data to provide HPOG grantees and other workforce development projects with insight into career pathway strategies that may be overlooked. In particular, it explores a phenomenon referred to as "the benefits cliffs effect." It examines families that encounter benefits cliffs in eight states and describes strategies for working with HPOG participants and other low-income individuals to confront it.

Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) Buffalo Visit disclaimer page at Buffalo and Erie County Workforce Development Consortium knows an investment in their clients is an investment in the future of upstate New York. HPOG Buffalo prepares participants for employment in healthcare jobs offering advancement opportunities through career pathways. They accomplish this through wrap-around support services provided by the program and a strong network of community partners. This collaboration allows for the delivery of results-oriented services to temporary assistance for needy families (TANF) recipients and low-income adults.

The Rochester Health Professions Opportunity Grant (ROC-HPOG) program at Action for a Better Community Inc. Visit disclaimer page is different from other HPOG programs. Located in Rochester, NY, the program is made up of partnering community organizations and educational institutes. This setup enables ROC-HPOG to host program information sessions and provide support services at multiple healthcare trainings locations throughout Monroe County. The program was designed this way so community agencies could recruit program participants, guide recruits to the appropriate training partner, and, eventually, employment.

Take a look at life outside the classroom for the average HPOG 2.0 participant at the time of enrollment with the newest infographic from HPOG.

Follow the training and employment career progress of HPOG 2.0 participants in the latest infographic from HPOG.

The newest video from HPOG features HPOG partners in Buffalo, NY that demonstrate the impact thoughtful investment by HPOG instructors has on participant success. HPOG instructors are more than just teachers. They are industry veterans helping students in and out of the classroom by offering additional tutoring, communicating student needs with HPOG case managers, and supporting post-certification education and employment.

In promoting their Healthcare Industry Training and Education (HITE) program Visit disclaimer page , the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment (SLATE) wanted to go above and beyond traditional marketing efforts such as flyers and handouts. To better reach a younger, more modern audience, they took their outreach online, and used social media to spread the word about their HPOG program.

Southwestern Connecticut’s The WorkPlace serves as its Workforce Development Board, helping job seekers prepare for careers and strengthening the workforce for employers. Their Health CareeRx Academy Visit disclaimer page program focuses specifically on preparing participants for careers in the healthcare field.

Since 1965, Schenectady Community Action Program (SCAP) has pursued alleviating poverty, by helping people to help themselves. Through various programs, they support and empower individuals to build upon their personal resources and abilities to rise out of poverty and become self-sufficient. With the Health Professions Opportunity Grant (HPOG), SCAP partnered with Schenectady County Community College’s Upstate Partnership for Healthcare Pathways (UPHP) Visit disclaimer page program to enroll low-income job seekers in healthcare training.