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This is the index page for the Transmission File Layouts and Edits for the TANF Data Reporting System.

This Policy Announcement provides guidance in several areas of policy important to implementation of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program

Questions and Answers:  TANF Data Report (TDR) – Section One

Questions and Answers:  Work Participation Rate

Index page for the Work Participation Rates - Fiscal Year 2009.

This is the index page for data related to the 2010 High Performance Measures.

This Program Instruction explains the maintenance of effort requirements for State expenditures under the TANF program, outlines statutory penalties for failure to meet those requirements, and specifies State-by-State maintenance of effort expenditure levels.

This Program Instruction informs States of TANF MOE levels which have been revised subsequent to the issuance of TANF-ACF-PI-96-2.

Work Participation Rates - Fiscal Year 2004

Fiscal Year 2004 Work Participation Rates
January 17, 2006

FY 2004 Work Participation Rates

Questions and Answers:  TANF Requirements Related to Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Transactions