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Section 1124(c)(4) of Title I of the "Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965," as amended by Public Law 107-110; Section 110(j) of Public Law 104-193, the "Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996."

Extending Government Funding and Delivering Emergency Assistance Act, Division C - Afghanistan Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2022 (Public Law 117-43)

This video showcases different HPOG participants commenting on their individual HPOG journeys towards success.

This video showcases the different ways HPOG grantees and stakeholders build partnerships to ensure they are meeting the needs of their communities.

Jay was struggling to support himself while working in the food service industry. He joined the Health Careers NW Visit disclaimer page program in March 2018. He began certified nursing assistant (CNA) training in May 2018 and completed his coursework and clinicals in June 2018. Jay was accepted into Linfield University’s registered nursing (RN) program, graduated, and was licensed in January 2021. He is employed as of February 2021.

Jacquitra is a single mother of a special needs eight-year old son working as a teacher’s assistant. She applied to Project HOPE: Healthcare Occupations Preparation for Employment Visit disclaimer page and began a five-week bootcamp training in January 2018. After completing bootcamp, Jacquitra began Phlebotomy training in May 2018. She finished the program in July 2018, received her national certification in August 2018, and obtained employment shortly after.

This animation provides a glimpse into the lives of HPOG participants and the supportive services that help carry them through their day.

Zoe is married with children and was unable to able to afford healthcare training. She started with the Health Career Opportunities with Personalized Educational Supports (HOPES) Visit disclaimer page program in 2015 and completed a behavioral health certification. After working in behavioral health for a few years, Zoe decided to re-enroll in a medical assistant (MA) program in July 2020. She took a short break but is due to complete her MA training in Fall 2021 and is currently employed.