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HPOG Promising Practice: Missouri Department of Social Services–Recruitment

Published: February 5, 2020
Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG)
Technical Assistance

Jefferson City, MO

Digital marketing efforts leverage social media to expand HPOG program reach.

In promoting their Healthcare Industry Training and Education (HITE) program, the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment (SLATE) wanted to go above and beyond traditional marketing efforts such as flyers and handouts. To better reach a younger, more modern audience, they took their outreach online, and used social media to spread the word about their HPOG program.

SLATE’s Communication Director hired a full-time Branding/Image Specialist to spearhead the program’s digital marketing efforts and manage their social media channels. The Branding/Image Specialist created social profiles for SLATE on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which they used to share information about the program.

To keep the content fresh, relevant and authentic, the Branding/Image Specialist used photos of actual program participants rather than stock images. Additionally, she began sharing real stories of HITE participants that resonated with their audience, earning shares that broadened their reach and increased social engagement.

Since shifting their marketing efforts from email newsletters to social media content, SLATE observed a marked increase in overall program interest as well as HITE workshop attendance, especially when information is shared on Facebook.

After claiming the business on Google, HITE personnel acquired the ability to respond directly to questions that people ask from Google, as well as leverage organic search to expand their outreach capabilities even further.

In 2018, SLATE’s tactics were used to demonstrate an example of the effective use of social media during a breakout session at the HPOG Annual Grantee Meeting in Washington, D.C.

By effectively promoting their program on social media, SLATE has been able to reach new audiences and garner increased interest in their HPOG program.

This Promising Practice was self-identified by the grantee and information contained in this document was provided by the grantee.

Last Reviewed: February 5, 2020