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HPOG Promising Practice: Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County, Partnership – Education, Training, and Support Services

Published: July 23, 2019
Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG)
Technical Assistance

Seattle, WA

Career Navigators let students take the lead on their own career pathway advancement, guided by self-generated career plans.

The Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County utilizes Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) program funds for its Health Workforce for the Future (HWF) program as it seeks to help TANF recipients and low-income individuals in King County, Washington enter and advance in the healthcare field.

At the beginning of HPOG 2.0, career and education Navigators noticed a need for an improved career plan template to assist participants in long-term goal completion. So, with the experience of HPOG 1.0 under their belt, HWF set out to design a comprehensive tool that would better support participant success. The new career plan template focuses on seven key ingredients to help participants develop and achieve their long-term goal: engagement, assessment, prerequisite coursework, predictability & flexibility, employer partnerships, career exploration and time & financial support.

The HWF program attributes these ingredients mixed with cohort-based training programs to participant success. Program staff and partners carefully track student progress along his or her chosen career pathway, using data from PAGES analysis and third-party evaluations to troubleshoot problems and document successful strategies. Three-years into HPOG 2.0, HWF evaluation mapping shows that 90 percent of participants had enrolled in healthcare education and training. Of those, nearly 40% had articulated to a second education and training step and 11% had already articulated to a third. Overall, 35% of the participants who had started education and training during those first 3 years of HPOG 2.0, secured healthcare employment.

By identifying and focusing on seven crucial ingredients to healthcare career pathway advancement in Seattle, Health Workforce for the Future has created a repeatable recipe for success.

This Promising Practice was self-identified by the grantee and information contained in this document was provided by the grantee.

Last Reviewed: July 23, 2019